Christmas Season Specials

Due to the corona situation, no mulled wine tours can be carried out this year.

Come and join us for a special ride around Nuremberg! Enjoy the sights of a festively decorated city while we serve you a handmade lebkuchen along with a cup of hot, spiced wine (non-alcoholic option available). The ride starts at Hauptbahnhof. Enjoy the trip through the old industrial heart of Nuremberg, the south city, and the views of the historic downtown area along the medieval city wall, while returning to the starting point, Nuremberg's impressive, century-old main railroad station.

Gluehweinfahrten TW910 Hauptbahnhof 20131130   Gluehweinfahrten TW910 Rathenauplatz 20131207   Gluehweinfahrten TW250 Hauptbahnhof 20131221

Tickets for the approximately 50 minute ride are 21,00 EURO and include a cup of hot, spiced wine (non-alcoholic option available), one handmade lebkuchen and a souvenir mug. All rides begin at Hauptbahnhof. Tickets will be available for pick-up on the day of your ride at the boarding point (Cash only please, as we can't process cards due to limited facilities). For days of operation and schedules please see our reservation site. Book either online or call the VAG-Kundentelefon at (0911) 283-4646. Early reservations are highly recommended as these trips do sell out well in advance, especially on weekends!

For participation in the mulled wine rides, the corona protection rules valid at the time of travel are applied; the 2G regulation currently applies to this. When purchasing the ticket, all participants aged 12 and over must present valid proof of vaccination or recovery in connection with an identification document. This makes our popular mulled wine rides a safe pleasure for everyone.


Our special: Exclusive ride on one of our century-old art nouveau cars

Gluehweinfahrten TW204 Hauptbahnhof 20131130   Gluehweinfahrten TW701 Hauptbahnhof 20121209   Gluehweinfahrten TW204 Hauptbahnhof 20131221

Every Saturday, join us for an exclusive ride on one of our oldest cars in the historic fleet, built between 1904 and 1913. Tickets for these special rides are 36,00 EURO and include the same amenities as our standard rides mentioned above. A part of the fare will proceed towards the restoration of our historic fleet.

Gluehweinfahrten TW111 vorSpittlertorturm 20061210   Gluehweinfahrten Fahrzeuginnenansicht
Decorated train at Hauptbahnhof.   Sit back and relax from the hassle of Christmas shopping in one of our decorated cars on a trip around Nuremberg.

20171127 Netzplan 11 2017

Decorating the vintage cars for mulled wine rides


Nuremberg mulled wine rides

20201209 Intro Gluehweinfahrt 2020

Get on board, enjoy a cup of mulled wine or children's punch with delicious gingerbread, while our team takes you comfortably and safely through the pre-Christmas Nuremberg in a historical tram. Listen to our conductor's explanation of the city and see the city from a different perspective.

It's worth getting in, we look forward to welcoming you to our place.

Our timetable:

00:00 Welcome
03:37 Departure from Hauptbahnhof
03:59 Südstadt
04:45 Aufseßplatz
05:31 Sigmund Schuckert
07:38 Plärrer
11:14 Westring / Burg
11:53 Christkindlesmarkt
13:12 Nürnberger Burg / Tiergärtnertor
14:57 Nuremberg tram history
16:18 Laufer Tor
17:55 The city wall
19:35 Arrival on Hauptbahnhof
20:31 Conclusion - we look forward to your support


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