Die Freunde der Nürnberg-Fürther Straßenbahn e.V.
("The Friends of the Nuremberg-Fuerther Streetcar")


... is a non-profit, historical society in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. Founded in 1976, membership has steadily grown to more than 500 over the years.

Our main interest is in public transportation, centered around Nuremberg's streetcar. We do also cover all other modes of transportation in the city. Our archives almost completely cover the history and development of public transportation in and around Nuremberg. This vast documentation provides for never ending content in our own magazine "Die Straßaboh" ("Streetcar" in local dialect), which is published three times a year.

Countless volunteer by hours our members have achieved quite remarkable results towards preserving historic equipment and other artefacts for future generations. Most recently the reconstructions of trailer cars 336 and 1023 as well as the horse tram wagon 11 have added new highlights to our collection. At the moment, the reconstruction of the car #144, the "Zeppelinwagen", is running (tw144.sfnbg.de).

In partnership with the VAG, Nuremberg's Transportation Company, the historic collection can be viewed at the Historic Depot St. Peter. Many hours of volunteer work have transformed this former car barn into a one of a kind exhibition showcasing the history and operation of public transport, e. g.

    • line 13 (Sightseeing line),
    • line 15 (Burgringlinie),
    • line 24 (Gluehwein Tour) and
    • lines F and V (folk festival lines).

Our members also serve as conductors on the historic cars, guiding our passengers through more than a century of transportation in Nuremberg.

Besides being hosts to our visitors, we also regularly visit other transit systems in and outside of Germany. Once a month, during informal gatherings, presentations prepared by our members will take you anywhere from unknown history in Nuremberg to cities and transportation on other continents. See our schedule here. Guests & non-members welcome!

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